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Video Poker Pay Tables Complete Guide

To an informed eye, a video poker play table tells the whole story about that particular machine. It tells him or her if that machine is worth playing or not. You should study a video poker machine's pay table closely before you put your money in it.

Two machines can have the same game in them - say, Joker Poker - yet their pay tables may differ and consequently, their usefulness to the player. To distinguish between the same games with different pay tables, players refer to 9/6 Jacks or Better, or 8/5, 7/5 and so on. Usually only two numbers are used and these refer to the payouts for full house and flush respectively, so a 9/6 means a machine pays 9 for 1 for a full house and 6 for 1 for a flush.

All you need to know about video poker pay tables is in these pages. Please refer to these articles and charts when deciding which video poker games to play. Then check out our links to the hottest casino web sites on the Web to find machines with these pay tables.

General Pay Table Information

- The Basics of Video Poker Pay Tables - What pay tables are, what is displayed in them and how they relate to payback percentage.

- Video Poker Odds and Probabilities - The probability of a poker hand occurring, shown in odds charts.

- The Best Video Poker Pay Tables - A selection of video poker game variations with the highest payback percentages. All games listed have an expected return of over 100%.

- Comparing Various Video Poker Pay Tables - A longer list of video poker games along with their pay table variations. The payback percentages of these pay tables are also given.

Some Video Poker Games and Their Pay Tables

- Aces and Eights Pay Table - A video poker game that pays special bonuses for some hands.

- All American Pay Table - An unusual video poker game that pays equal payouts for full house, straight and flush.

- Anything's Wild Pay Table - Choose your own wildcard in this video poker challenge.

- Jacks or Better Pay Tables - The standard video poker game pays even money on a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces. The

- Deuces Wild Pay Table - The game of choice of video poker professionals and advantage players.

- Double Bonus Pay Table - Double up the fun with this interesting variation.

- Not So Ugly and Ugly Deuces Wild Pay Tables - If you can't find Deuces Wild anywhere, look for the NSU version and avoid all others.

- Pickem Poker Pay Table - This novel game is reminiscent of stud poker. Some cards are hidden and some revealed. It is one of the easiest games to play.

New Articles

Video Poker Odds, Probabilities and Pay Tables

Video poker odds are a key to success. Use an odds chart to understand pay tables are and to find the probability of making your hand.

Comparing Video Poker Pay Tables

Shop for the best video poker payback percentages online. Compare the pay tables of Deuces Wild, Ace Bonus Poker, Super Double and other games.

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